Visual suggestions, perceptions and sensations, exciting memories, or daydreams. This is the journey: a discovery of places, times, stories and traditions, inspirations. The journey is an exploration of environments and people. Of ourselves, first or after all. It is the physical and mental experience of a path of Beauty. 

Beauty which is the very mission of the Ceramica Sant'Agostino brand, its constant challenge in trying to create unique materials, which are the result of a long exploratory journey in search of always original ceramic surfaces. 

And that Beauty is contained in the product stories that are the collections presented at Cersaie 2018, and that we tell as snapshots of places and moments taken during travels across the World, among nature, architecture, people, folklore, history, art and culture. 

With the desire to transfer the magic of those places and moments within every environment - domestic, or public - that, perhaps, will be covered with our tiles: stories of ceramic design that become stories of life, our personal Stories of Beauty.