Ceramica Sant'Agostino
Via Statale, 247 - Località Sant'Agostino
44047 Terre del Reno (FE) - ITALY
T. +39 0532 844111
F. Italia +39 0532 846113
F. Export +39 0532 844209

A set of different materials and surfaces becoming one style.

SHADEBOX is a “collection-box” born to treasure a rich matter, which combines a measured and always elegant urban style through carefully selected colors: five warm grays emphasizing its modernity and adaptability to the most topical aesthetic needs . The available palette of colors, in fact, flows into the color system called “Shade”, on which Ceramica Sant’Agostino develops different materials – in porcelain and white paste double-fired -. Yet these materials can be potentially matching, inside a unique architectural design playing with the essences (wood, resin, majolica, in addition to the stone of the collection SHADESTONE), the surfaces (satin, structured, polished), the solutions of use (in different environments such as, for example, living, kitchen, bathroom) and application areas (residential and commercial, private and public), while maintaining consistent uniformity and continuity of tone.


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